How to Apply the Product:

Before applying false lashes, be sure to measure and trim them to fit your eye shape. It’s best to measure one inch away from tear duck. This will prevent the lash to poke you when the eye open and closes. Always is best to cut the end of lash so it doesn’t lose its shape. When applying and having a clear look when ready to place them, it’s best to Place a mirror underneath chin area with position that faces slanted. This allows you to look down. Then apply a layer of glue to the lash band trying to never touch any hair strands. Let the glue dry for about 25 seconds or until the glue becomes sticky.

It’s best with tweezers to place the lash in the center right underneath your own lash line. You will know it’s in correct position when you push upward and your eye lid moves upward. Take the end & front of the lash and repeat prior steps. Once they are in place take your index finger and thumb and pinch your lashes with false lashes together.

Final step look downward and push lashes upward with your fingers.